Why and When to Use Dedicated Team in Software Development

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Why and When to Use Dedicated Team in Software Development

A skilled workforce and a dedicated team are one of the most valuable assets any company can have, and it’s always a challenge to find them and utilize them. Finding tech talent locally can be even more challenging and that’s why outsourcing is becoming a cost-effective and efficient alternative to in-house development.

Due to its many advantages, dedicated team is one of the most popular models, when it comes to outsourcing software development. Companies, ranging in size from startups to large enterprises, are increasingly using it to achieve their objectives and realize projects.

How does a dedicated teams model work?

When a company decides to utilize the aforementioned dedicated team model and has the project plan/roadmap, scope and price laid out, Notch assembles a team specifically tailored for the project in hand. 

The team is not working separately from the client company. It becomes a natural extension of your internal team, and the cooperation works best if the company perceives and treats the team as remote employees

The pricing system of the dedicated team is transparent and straightforward and it depends on the abovementioned scope and duration of the project as well as its complexity.

When to use a dedicated team?

Sometimes there are tasks your company can’t or doesn’t want to do due to the various circumstances, most common are:

  • Your company doesn’t have the necessary talent and doesn’t have the time to go through the recruiting process either.
  • Your company is lacking specific technical knowledge and know-how.
  • Your company is looking to expand to a new, unknown market or business vertical.
  • The scope of the project grew and now it requires more manpower.
  • Your in-house team has to shift to a higher priority project.
  • You are a startup and in need of a technology partner.

What are the benefits of the dedicated team?

Having a dedicated team may sound like a lot of commitment and rigidity. But the truth is that this cooperation model is both flexible and straightforward. These are the most common benefits that our clients experience in working with Notch.

1. Scope and scalability

A dedicated team is the most flexible model in terms of requirements. As the client, it’s up to you to decide on the scope and the workload of the project. If you’ve enjoyed working with our team, you can always negotiate the extension of your partnership or further scale the team to meet increasing needs.

2. No hassle with hiring

Hiring new team members or whole teams can be a very time-consuming process that can last for several months. Not only companies have to go through the long administrative processes and recruitment when a developer quits, but they are also losing the time and resources they put into training and onboarding. Also, there is the responsibility to utilize hired talent after the initial project is finished which is sometimes not possible or difficult.

3. Cost

The dedicated team model is very clear when it comes to cost tracking. The client company gets the flexibility of a time & materials project and the predictability of a fixed-price one. And sometimes it’s simply cheaper to set up an outsourced dedicated team than building your own in-house team.


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4. Acces to talent

When a company is hiring developers for the in-house team, they have access to the local talent pool only. In bigger cities, the talent pool is understandably bigger than in smaller ones but, in most cases hiring an expert in a specific field can be a more expensive option. Therefore, companies’ access to the local talent pool is limited.

5. Staff management and administration

We are responsible for keeping our dedicated team up and running, their performance and staffing. The staff turnover in the IT industry is high, which is a problem for companies with in-house teams. 

Not to mention the negative effect the turnover has on project development. 

6. Keep in touch with your team

At Notch, we care about the chemistry between our team and client and that’s why you always have the option to come over, get in touch with the team, spend a week or two together (we also have a great seaside sprint program!).

7. Cultural fit

All our employees are located in Zagreb, Croatia, an EU country. That means we are close to our clients and fully understand their markets and industry trends. Also, we are in the same time zone as most EU countries which makes a lot of things easier!

Let’s wrap it up!

Many companies have some reservations concerning communication and collaboration processes between the in-house and remote teams, especially located off-shore. However, with an advance of new technological solutions, this is no longer an issue. What really matters is whether you have clear expectations of what you want to achieve and how the team will fit in with your company’s strategy. 

Setting up a dedicated team requires a good deal of learning if you’re not experienced but we are here to help you with that journey, too. 

At the end of the day, if the above-mentioned advantages count, this engagement model is beneficial for all.

If you still have questions about dedicated software development teams or would like to get in touch with us feel free to schedule a call!


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Personal development

If you join our ranks you’ll be able hone your coding skills on relevant projects for international clients.

Our diverse client portfolio enables our engineers to work on complex long term projects like core technologies for Delivery Hero, Blockchain and NFTs for Fantasy Football or cockpit interface for giants like Strabag. 

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