Where you can meet us: May & June events

Where you can meet us: May & June events

May has arrived, summer is almost here (at least date-wise, weather-wise not so much) but we have another push full of exciting activities and events and we want to see you there! So, this is a list of all the events you can find us in the next months and our plan for the rest of the year. We’re taking our jar of challenges with us, so you don’t want to miss us! 

DewCrawl MeetUp

The first one is DevCrawl MeetUp. Any thoughts on where the name came from? Association on PubCrawl – all you beer lovers probably know what that means. DevCrawl Season 1 will be divided into three sessions. The first one will take place on May 9 in the HUB385 in Zagreb. Together with Syntio we will take a pint of Kafka! Bojan Kljajin (Notch) crafted an amazing talk about managing the evolution of Kafka messages, while Andrija Dukić (Syntio) will brewed everything you need to know about Design Patterns for Creating Reliable and Scalable Event-Driven Architectures focusing on Apache Kafka. 

Student events

After the MeetUp, we’re jumping to the student events! The first one will be Job Fair, which will be held on the 17th and 18th of May at the Zagreb Fair. The Job Fair brings together innovative technology experts and curious students to get to know each other, connect, and exchange experiences through talks, workshops, and panel discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Well that sounds like you and us! And we’re preparing some fun challenges for you to play! 

Before we head to the coast, another event awaits us in Zagreb at the Faculty of Science, Meet the Mathematicians, which will take place on May 26. The main idea of the event is to connect students of mathematics and employers who employ mathematicians and provide them with insight into career development and the versatility of the mathematicians’ work. Do you know in what part of the software development company you can find mathematicians? We have an answer for that! 

After Zagreb, we are moving to Split for Dump Days, an IT conference that connects students with employers, which will take place at the Split FESB on the 26th and 27th of May. The conference is full of exciting content, from Fly talks, Campfire talks, and stands with company representatives to engaging workshops where students can learn everything they want about a particular company. Numerous influential lecturers from development, marketing, design, and tech will attend the conference. And we’re having a booth you don’t want to miss out. 

Developers conference

Also, we’re very excited that Notch will be a part of .debug, the largest developer conference in Croatia, which will take place in Zagreb on June 15th and 16th on the Algebra campus. Darko Špoljarić, our Principal Engineer and Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master, and Nikola Mašić, our Head of Engineering are part of globally successful lecturers coming from all over the world. Darko will talk about  Stages of team development and spilling the secret sauce of high performing team, while Nikola will tell you everything you need to know about Fullstack engineers, from skills to technologies and tools.   


We’re excited that soon the  applications for Devcademy start! And we’re going into orbit this time. Well, you’ll know soon enough everything about the  four-week Devcademy program!

After the summer break, we are preparing for the following events:

  • Infobip Shift in September
  • DewCrawl Session 2 in September
  • PMF WorkIn’ Science in October
  • FOI Career Week in October 
  • DevCrawl Session 3 in December
  • FER Career Speed Dating in December

As you can see, we are covering many exciting events this year. See you there!


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