TOP 5 Books for Developers

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TOP 5 Books for Developers

Our developers are constantly progressing and improving, so here are some of the top books for developers that they would recommend if you would like to thrive and prosper in the developer’s world:

  1. Clean code
  2. Code complete
  3. The clean coder
  4. Cracking the Coding Interview
  5. The war of Art


Robert C. Martin, a programming master presents a world with Clean Code: “A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship”. In collaboration with his colleagues from Object Mentor, he wants to instill within you the values of a software craftsman and make you a superior developer. However, to become that you need to work at it.

Clean Code consists of three parts:

  1. Principles, patterns, and practices of writing clean code
  2. Case studies of increasing complexity
  3. Heuristics and “smells” gathered while creating case studies


Steve McConnell’s original Code Complete has been helping for more than a decade to developers in writing better software. It has leading-edge practices and hundreds of new code samples, so it could support a better description of the software constructions.

Code Complete is a book that synthesizes the effective techniques and known practices, into clear guidance, and it will stimulate your thinking to achieve the highest quality code, even if you are just a beginner.


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Another book from expert Rober C. Martin is The Clean Coder. In this book, he is introducing the techniques, tools, and practices of true software craftsmanship.

The Clean Coder covers from estimating and coding to refactoring and testing. Martin’s approach in writing this book is that a true software craftsman is much more than all of that above mentioned, it is advancement with respect, dignity, and pride. It is about facing difficult decisions with clearness and genuineness, and comprehending that deep knowledge accompanies an obligation to act.


People call this book a “Bible of preparing coding interviews”!

This book by Gayle Laakmann McDowell will help you pass every process needed to be the very best at the interview.

Figure out how to reveal the indications and shrouded subtleties in an inquiry, find out how to separate an issue into reasonable lumps, create methods that will help you get out of the problem when you get stuck and find 189 interview questions and solutions.


The War of Art book by Steven Pressfield, at first it is not closely connected to developers, however, it is a book that has been embraced by business entrepreneurs, actors, dancers, painters, and thousands of others around the world.

This book is helping us to recognize the enemy, and to draft the battle plan so we could overcome this inside enemy. At that point, pinpoints exactly how to make the best progress.



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