The VP of Nordics: Peter Kyhn

The VP of Nordics: Peter Kyhn

One of our main strategy goals is to extend our global reach. We already work with global enterprises, industries, and companies with thousands and thousands of employees, leading them through digital transformation. However, we still have some territories that are not fully charted

As we ventured further towards the North, we found our star of Nordics. Peter Kyhn shares traits similar to us. His engineering background dates back to 1996, and he believes, as we do, that you can achieve excellence only by continuous improvement and efficiency through automation and digital transformation.

“Notch has a strong focus on ensuring high technical proficiency amongst employees. At the same time, the whole company feels like one big family, taking care and looking out for each other. As a Client, you get the same closeness to the Notch team that develops your product”, discovered Peter after meeting with our Business Development Manager Nikša Demović in Copenhagen and then the rest of our crew in Zagreb. 

We know that achieving technical excellence is a never-ending process, and we nurture it in-house and on our continuous projects with companies like Strabag,, Raiffeisen Bank and Atrify, to name a few. We constantly assess the project’s needs, deliver solutions that streamline the client’s processes, and follow the newest technologies even if we’re part of a project as a dedicated team providing our unique set of skills or working on a turnkey development, where we lead the project from product discovery to deployment and further on. 

“I am convinced about Notch’s high skill levels, as well as every employee’s great commitment to doing things the right way. Delivering value and quality for money”, said Peter Kyhn.

Peter’s Experience

And that’s big coming from an individual with almost 27 years of experience in IT. Peter moved moved through the industries in various roles, from Software Development, Enterprise Architecture, IT Operations, Product Management, and Executive Management, doing big-scale software development in global companies, leading teams across a multitude of languages, cultures, and timezones. 

“Back then, IT was moving from banking and finance to a multitude of other areas such as warehousing, logistics, medical, etc. – those were exciting times! We were still very much aware of the limitations we had in network bandwidth, computing power, signal latency, etc. We really had to understand good programming patterns and anti-patterns when developing software.”

Today, explains Peter, although there is a shorter period between Idea and Customer Feedback, which means that you can detect the right requirements early in the product life cycle, the problem occurs when a new product becomes successful and needs to scale. That’s where a lot of businesses fail to keep up

“Only the development teams that really understand good patterns and anti-patterns will be successful in maturing for operations. That is where my experience comes into play.”

Through his various roles, Peter Kyhn learned to view products holistically. That means he can easily understand each business’s needs, as well as technical requirements. It is vital to make them balanced for further development and success.

Peter Kyhn & Notch

“Together, and Notch have a very strong offering, and we hope to bring know-how to Danish and Nordic companies who currently are struggling to find qualified people for their business-critical software development projects”, concluded Peter. 

If you want to contact Peter directly, you can do it through LinkedIn. But you can also us through our Contact Form. Talk to you soon!



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Our people really love it here

Evolution of expertise

The agency was founded in 2014 by seasoned industry veterans with experience from large enterprises. A group of Java engineers then evolved into a full-service company that builds complex web and mobile applications. 

Flexibility is our strong suit — both large enterprises and startups use our services. We are now widely recognized as the leading regional experts in the Java platform and Agile approach.

We make big things happen and we are proud of that.

Personal development

If you join our ranks you’ll be able hone your coding skills on relevant projects for international clients.

Our diverse client portfolio enables our engineers to work on complex long term projects like core technologies for Delivery Hero, Blockchain and NFTs for Fantasy Football or cockpit interface for giants like Strabag. 

Constant education and knowledge sharing are part of our company culture. Highly experienced mentors will help you out and provide real-time feedback and support.


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