Product Development

When off-shelf products simply can’t cut it.

A complete solution, as unique as you are.

Entirely developed to meet your specific business needs, our custom software solutions will meet even the most rigorous industry regulations, security standards, and compliance requirements.

Mobile and Product Development

What is it?

Product Development Services Notch

Looking for a solution to meet your specific requirements?

Whether you’re a product scaleup, SME or an established enterprise, we tailor our approach to meet your specific business goals in a way off-the-shelf solutions cannot. With our personalized solutions, robust tools, and wide domain knowledge, our consultants, designers, BA’s and engineers are here to guide you towards creating an exceptional custom software solution, together. A dedicated product owner on your end is all we need.


Why choose a custom product development?

Built to meet all your businesses’ specific needs.
More cost-effective and higher ROI in the long-run.
No vendor lock-in or discontinuation challenges.
Developed with enhanced security and resilience in mind, from day one.
Seamless integration with all your internal platforms.
Flexibility to adapt if your business goals shift.

How it works

Starting your journey with a vision

Your journey with us begins with a vision of the digital product you need. We create a product development plan to best fulfill your vision—the roadmap, which we keep flexible.

Risk mitigation is embedded from day one by delivering early and frequently, while implementing user feedback on the go. This allows us to provide you maximum value in the shortest time possible and ensures the product is a success for your business and your users.

Turn your ideas into an exceptional digital product as unique as you are.

Why Notch?

Notch Technical Excellence
Technical excellence and impeccable delivery
Stemming from decades of experience in the enterprise industry, as well as in the scale-up environment.
We’re flexible and easy to work with, but we never compromise on the quality of our delivery.
Notch Domain Expertise
Domain expertise
What sets us apart is our wide industry experience with domain knowledge of specific business processes and application modernization in highly complex and regulated industries and the seniority of our team to build custom software solutions products that address those challenges.
Notch Agile culture
Agile culture
Agile runs in our DNA: our founders are one of the forerunners of the Agile way of thinking in Croatia. We use agile methodologies to deliver value early and often, while implementing user feedback on the go.
Notch Long term partnerships
Long-term partnerships with international clients
80% of our revenue comes from international projects. We have a track record of building long-term partnerships with our customers by becoming a crucial part of how they think about, build and deliver custom software solutions.
Notch Engineers
Just the right size
With over 180 predominantly in-house talents we are just about the right size for a personalized approach, yet big enough to offer an extensive and modern technology ecosystem.
Notch Cultural Fit
Cultural fit & connectivity
Located in the heart of Europe, our experts and management team are always available for onsite visits. We share a common mindset, laws and our cultural compatibility guarantees a frictionless experience.

Exceptional ideas need experienced partners.


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