Dedicated Team Extension

What is it?

Scale your software development team

Scale your software development capability without worrying about hiring and onboarding. Our dedicated team focuses only on your project. They work from our modern office in Croatia and travel on site when needed.

Set up your team and keep control over product development. Forget about late launches or high infrastructure costs of your employees leaving. You can either handpick our engineers or integrate them into your current setup.


There are many reasons to extend your team with us

EU based, one flight away — Your dedicated team will be working from our Zagreb HQ in the same time zone and aligned with EU Laws. The team can come to your office for major milestone meetings.

Best cost/quality ratio — Our engineers follow the latest software development trends and deliver to the highest industry standards. The living standard in Zagreb is still lower than in Zurich, Berlin, or London. This makes pricing more affordable.

Small cultural difference and no language barriers — Our people have a history of working with international clients. Our English and German skills are second to none. 


Flexibility, scalability, knowledge — Projects need the use of several technologies, and the need for them often changes. Increase and decrease team size as needed.

No recruitment and retention issues — Recruiting talent takes money and time, especially when you need different development skillsets. It is even harder to keep the best talent for a more extended period. 

Broader talent pool — You can handpick the best ones from our continuous talent pool.

Integration and collaboration — The team can become part of your team, or remain a stand-alone development team.

Code & Sea

notch zagreb

Have we told you about our Seaside Sprint?

Croatia is a beautiful country with a breathtaking coastline on the Adriatic Sea. So, why not enjoy it?

We regularly invite our long-term partners for a week or two to get closer and find the right balance of work and pleasure. Our Seaside Sprint Session is a great opportunity to unwind, get cosy, and do business.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • — Work 1 or 2 weeks in a big villa by the coast
  • — Visit the most beautiful sights and beaches in Europe
  • — Taste the finest Mediterranean cuisine and wine
  • — Work on team cohesion and bonding
  • — Get productive and creative
  • — Enjoy after work hours for relaxation and nature

How it works

Our onboarding process

Scale your software development capability efficiently without worrying about hiring and onboarding. Our dedicated team extension works in five steps: 

  1. Workshop and NDA — We get to know each other and listen to your objectives.
  2. Technical Specification — Together, we define the best technologies and people to get the job done. We go through all other requirements to help you manage the team.
  3. Choose your team — We select the best individuals based on domain knowledge.
  4. Onboarding — Our team hits the ground running. We encourage you to meet your dedicated team with your employees. This way they can learn more about your company’s culture and share their experiences.
  5. Agile Development — Once everything is all set to go, agile development kicks off. Our team becomes part of your team. They work following agile practices with daily standups, sprints, and other ceremonies.

Related Endorsements

Andreas Prins

VP Product Strategy at

“Working with Notch helps us to realize our product dreams become a reality. Having skilled engineers from Notch helps us to deliver feature after feature, time over time. The dedication of these engineers makes the work happen.”

Ivan Belic

Vice President of Life Science at Amplexor International

“I appreciate an open and honest relationship we have with Notch, and the reliability they bring. For every business, it’s important to have a right balance between quality and costs, and I believe that with Notch we are getting this on a daily basis.”

Jurica Cerovec

CTO at Microblink

Notch’s work is expected to bring ROI with the first couple of clients. While they aren’t responsible for project management, the client is happy with the results so far. Everything has gone smoothly and the client sees no need for improvement or changes.

Sasa Skevin

CIO at Photomath

“Agency04 contributed to the completion of a robust information system that will be utilized by national agencies, ministries, and research organizations. Their developers excelled at maintaining regular communication. They demonstrated both productivity and creativity by foreseeing potential issues.”

Ferruccio Lagutaine

Chief Operating Officer at ELCA

“The cooperation with Notch was characterized by a high level of technical excellence and a high degree of independence within the scope of our guidelines. In Notch we found a trustworthy and reliable partner that delivers cost-effective IT solutions.”


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