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From user research and enterprise software development to UI/UX design and IT consulting.

We understand that having the right technology partner is crucial for your business. That’s why we take the time to get to know your company, understand your „why“, your goals, and your technical requirements. You are an active part of this process, sharing information and feedback as we engineer the solution for your project.

Services Notch Engineers

Enterprises and SMEs rely on us to translate their business needs into real value and deliver custom software solutions on time and on budget.

User Research and Design

User Research

Assisting you in discovering, defining, validating, and designing new software products or functionalities through Pragmatic user research and validation™, product conceptualization, and product management.

Mobile and Product Development

Product Development

Entirely developed to meet your specific business needs, our custom software development solutions will meet even the most rigorous industry regulations, security standards, and compliance standards. Through continuous inspection and adjustment of our work processes, we deliver top-quality digital products that drive optimal results.

Dedicated Teams Services Notch

Dedicated Teams

Outsourcing software development services gives you access to the skills you lack in-house. What we bring to the table is a team of tech experts who work full-time on your project. Our collaborative “one team” approach means we seamlessly integrate with your internal processes, culture and teams, allowing quick time-to-value, knowledge transfer, and ongoing innovation.

Scrum Consulting Services Notch


Knowledge sharing is deeply rooted in our DNA. We act as technology and software consultants and offer consulting and educational sessions for partners who wish to revise their strategies and digital products, or simply elevate their knowledge about technical and human aspects of software development.

See how we’ve helped business like yours. Ready for your success story?

Seaside Sprint

Split office Notch

Have we told you about our Seaside Sprint?

Croatia is a beautiful country with a breathtaking coastline on the Adriatic Sea. So, why not enjoy it?

We regularly invite our long-term partners for a week or two to get closer and find the right balance of work and pleasure. Our Seaside Sprint is a great opportunity to unwind, get cosy, and do business.

Seaside Sprint with Notch

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Work 1 or 2 weeks from our beautiful office in Split, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest city on the Croatian coast
  • Visit some of the most beautiful sights and beaches in Europe
  • Taste the finest Mediterranean cuisine and wine
  • Work on team cohesion and bonding
  • Get productive and creative
  • Enjoy after work hours for relaxation and nature


From Junior Software Engineer to CTO_Marko Stefancic
Goreta Bošković, Marketing Team
From Junior Software Engineer to CTO: 10 years at Notch 

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