Automating 30+ processes using Camunda BPM

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Started 2018 - Ongoing
Automating 30+ processes using Camunda BPM


Iskon is the leading consumer-oriented telecom in Croatia and part of the Deutsche Telekom group. The project started as a way to find new approaches to solve various customer support and business automation issues.

Our consultants teamed up with Iskon to create a proof of concept for automation and help them choose their process automation software. After considering several vendors, they have chosen Camunda BPM. Since we have Camunda experts in our team, Iskon chose us as an implementation partner.

With the platform in place and hooked into Iskon APIs, it became clear that was the way to go with other processes.

We started with scanning business processes and creating the first BPMN workflows. A larger Notch team continued to model BPMN diagrams for all order-related workflows and to plan their API integration with Camunda. 


Iskon order management

We had to balance the work of a remote team that automated a business process using Camunda BPM. The other challenge was the creation of a tailor-made new interface for agents. It was supposed to enable them to perform complex tasks using company-wide resources in a unified dashboard and environment.

Camunda BPM Implementation

The first implementation challenge relates to the involvement of every department in the process of business automation. The other challenge was in the implementation of Camunda BPM in an environment that had dispersed API’s, sometimes even unknown.


After initial scanning, we educated the Iskon team on Camunda and started working together on the implementation process.

Together with the Iskon team, our BPM consultants and developers automated more than 30 business processes, many of which were customer-oriented. 

We also took to UX research with order management agents and prototyped a single UI to fit all their tasks. The new, tailor-made interface enabled agents to perform tasks in less time and a single environment.

Project Highlights

Senior Fullstack Developer
Mid Fullstack Developer
Junior Fullstack Developer
Senior UX designer
BPM Consultants
Services Provided
  • Custom Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • BPM
  • BPM Consulting
Technologies Used
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Camunda BPM
  • Spring Boot
  • React
  • RabbitMQ


Luka Samarzija

Head of Business Support Systems at Iskon

“I’m very happy working with Notch, they’re highly professional, very easy to work with and what I love most is they always come up with great ideas for our needs. Notch consultants conducted a user experience research in which they shadowed our agents, seen how they work, and came up with a prototype of a single user interface that fits nicely with Camunda BPM.”

Owned by Deutsche Telekom, Iskon is on of the key Broadband players in Croatia. Other than being an Internet provider, Iskon provides fixed line telephone and IPTV access, thus offering full triple play service. In 2006 Iskon was bought by T-HT and became part of Deutsche Telekom group, but retained its own company structure and brand image. Transforming from a small family business into a company with more than 160 full-time employees.


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We created Iskon Order Management — a vital tool for our client. We automated more than 30 business processes, improved customer response time with increased transparency, and optimized processes for Iskon employees.


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