Building an iOS Verification SDK

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Zagreb, Croatia
FinTech, IT
Duration of the project
Started 2020 - Ongoing
Building an iOS Verification SDK


AI-powered Verification in real-time

BlinkID Verify is an AI-driven software that combines ID scanning, selfie capture, and face matching in one easy-to-use flow.

This technology is built on a machine learning system that can understand the document type and country of issue in less than a second.

The user does a series of gestures in front of the camera to prove their presence. The end result depends on a facial comparison between an ID photo and a selfie user captured in the process.

Notch helped with the software development of the iOS SDK in that product.


Back to basics

We had to refresh the memory of “old” technology. Because of the complexity of the product, the SDK is written in Objective-C.

Flawless performance

Building an SDK that will be used worldwide by millions of users required some polishing. SDK had to work for users and had to be integrated by developers.

Project Highlights

Senior iOS Enginer
Services Provided
  • Dedicated Team Extension
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Consulting
Technologies Used
  • Objective-C for SDK
  • Swift for sample apps


Hard to find talent and product success

Microblink reviewed several other candidates for this topic. Yet, our references, technical talent, and approach to software development proved to be an excellent match.

We helped Microblink solve their technical challenges with the knowledge rarely found on the job market.


Jurica Cerovec

CTO at Microblink

Notch’s work is expected to bring ROI with the first couple of clients. While they aren’t responsible for project management, the client is happy with the results so far. Everything has gone smoothly and the client sees no need for improvement or changes.

Microblink is an R&D company developing proprietary computer vision technology optimized for real-time processing on mobile devices. Advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques are used to process the fastest and the most accurate text recognition locally on a mobile device. They offer a variety of products, such as mobile SDK (software development kit) or Web API tailored for specific use-cases.


The results of the project have enabled Microblink to work with several potential clients that are interested in the product. The clients are in the finance and banking sectors, and ROI is expected with the first couple of clients.


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