Aggregating real-time data from 13 ERP-s with Java for STRABAG

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Spittal an der Drau, Austria
Duration of the project
Started 2018 - Ongoing
Aggregating real-time data from 13 ERP-s with Java for STRABAG


The BMS (Building Material Solutions) team at STRABAG is developing a data center for the Group’s Building Materials Business Unit.

This Web application aggregates and visualizes data in real-time from 13 different ERP systems across the whole Strabag consortium.

Access is possible at any time from anywhere, including via smartphone or tablet.

From quarries to landfills and from asphalt to concrete mixing plants, the app is used by the majority of the 566 building material production operations.

The first modules went online in June 2019, which was made possible by a committed team and an agile project management method.


Agile software development with SCRUM

The task would mark the first time for the SCRUM process in software development to be used in the field of building materials.

Collaboration, Consulting & Team Training

Strabag hired Notch to rebuild their Building Material Solutions tool in Java and Angular in an agile software development project. Strabag’s own scrum master would have to work full-time with the development team, conquering milestone after milestone.

Project Highlights

Senior Backend Engineers
Professional Frontend Engineers
Quality Engineer
UI/UX Expert
Strabag Team
Services Provided
  • Dedicated Team Extension
  • Custom Software Development
  • MVP Clickable Prototype
  • UI/UX Design
  • Quality Engineering
Technologies Used
  • Java
  • SpringBoot
  • Angular
  • Camunda BPMN
Methodologies Applied
  • Agile


STRABAG production operations used different software, which made the process of information merging complicated. Now, with the new data center and digital cockpit, we are creating a common-pool resource that automatically feeds with data from the programs.

Client Testimonial

Melanie Breier

Product Owner at Strabag

“As a Product Owner, my job is to provide the team with user stories which I get from the stakeholders, or rather users. Notch helps me a lot with that, they give me the possibility to present interactive prototypes to show the stakeholders/customers how the end product will look like when it’s developed. This way we get results a lot faster.”

STRABAG is a European-based technology group for construction services, a leader in innovation and financial strength. With more than 75,000 employees, STRABAG is one of the few companies capable of offering services along the entire construction value chain – from design to planning, from construction to property and facility services, and from operation all the way to demolition.


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Development of the digital cockpit solution. Access to relevant data is possible anytime from anywhere, via smartphone or tablet.


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