In A1, A now stands for Agile

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Zagreb, Croatia
Duration of the project
Started 2019 - 2019
In A1, A now stands for Agile


Agile in Service Quality

A1 cares about customer satisfaction, which is why they decided to form a new team to examine the Quality of Service data. The objective was to come up with activities that could have a positive impact on the network service provided to residential customers.

As expected, the analysis generated a large and very diverse backlog. No clear path for its sequential resolution was in sight. At this point, A1 hired Notch to step in. They wanted them to figure out how to deal with the backlog and see if there is any way to run it as an Agile project.

The Challenge

Transforming the traditional

We were to deliver an exhaustive backlog of possible improvements on Network Service Level Transformation from the traditional approach towards Agile methodologies.

Project Highlights

Agile Consultant
A1 Team
Services Provided
  • Agile Consulting
  • Scrum Courses
  • Kanban Coaching


Agile methodology acceptance

The biggest benefit for A1 was the smooth transition to a cross-functional Agile team packed with an acceptance of Agile methodologies and tools. The A1 team understood the value which Agile brings to day-to-day operations.

Vendor integration

We went the extra mile and got relevant A1 vendors to join the team and be in the loop as decisions take place. This way, they could start their activities as soon as possible, which reduced the lead time on the original team’s deliverables.

Client Testimonial

Izeta Samardzic

Senior Digital Customer Experience Consultant at A1 Telecom

“Notch joined us at the beginning of our project as our Agile coach. Given that we were a new team and had no experience in Agile project management, what they did was educate us on how to use Agile, what Agile is, and ultimately helped us find the best methodology for our project. All of this helped us to work as efficiently as possible and also changed the way we think —  and it only took a couple of months. They transformed us, and we weren’t even aware of it.”

A1 Hrvatska is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group – the leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. A1 Telekom Austria Group operates in seven countries and together provides services for approximately 24 million customers.

A1 Hrvatska is also proud of figures – they employ about 2000 people, and take care of the needs of 2 million customers on an everyday basis.


Our consultants first helped to quantify and then qualify the backlog, making it very manageable. They shaped the framework for working the backlog and coached the entire team on Agile methodology.


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