New Head and Muscle of Marketing: Marko Barić

New Head and Muscle of Marketing: Marko Barić

One of the main things we learned through our work is that, in a constantly changing world of technology, our constant are people who are hardworking, headstrong, and tenacious. So, when we met Marko Barić, we knew he was just what we were looking for and would easily fit in with our culture and people. 

Marko has been in marketing for years, starting with the Hut Group, then CIP marketing, which is Adidas’s sister company, as well as for Reebok and as a head of digital media in an agency and a head of digital marketing in 

“I bring a long-time experience with a lot of good energy and the use of modern solutions in the campaigns which is surely going to better current marketing strategy, ” explained Marko.

He says that he loves new, modern technology, and since Notch is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in this part of Europe, he decided to take on the role of our new head of marketing.

We’ve actually renamed the position to head and muscle of marketing just for him since Marko is a fitness champion and well, a walking muscle of a man. 

Familiar with taking on big challenges, Marko Barić says that one of Notch’s main focuses for marketing in 2023 will be brand awareness since our rebranding is still quite fresh. As well as getting Notch to other markets, together with Spotsie and as a part of Notch Consulting Group, we’re more than ready for a more serious global performance. 

If you love taking on big challenges like Marko and other 200 of our IT experts, if you’re tenacious and ready to outwit any challenge that comes your way, join us.

Find everything about our benefits and perks, which are also just a start in creating an encouraging and flexible environment you’ll be happy to be a part of.



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Our people really love it here

Evolution of expertise

The agency was founded in 2014 by seasoned industry veterans with experience from large enterprises. A group of Java engineers then evolved into a full-service company that builds complex web and mobile applications. 

Flexibility is our strong suit — both large enterprises and startups use our services. We are now widely recognized as the leading regional experts in the Java platform and Agile approach.

We make big things happen and we are proud of that.

Personal development

If you join our ranks you’ll be able hone your coding skills on relevant projects for international clients.

Our diverse client portfolio enables our engineers to work on complex long term projects like core technologies for Delivery Hero, Blockchain and NFTs for Fantasy Football or cockpit interface for giants like Strabag. 

Constant education and knowledge sharing are part of our company culture. Highly experienced mentors will help you out and provide real-time feedback and support.


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