New Notch, New CSO: Ivan Belić

New Notch, New CSO: Ivan Belić

Ivan Belić is our new CSO!

This year, we’ve not only decided on a new branding but also to have an even bigger picture in mind. With Spotsie as a part of Notch Consulting Group, Notch is ready for even more severe global performance.

Don’t get us wrong, we never played small, always taking on significant challenges, projects that inspire us the most, and those which will make the most difference. Big projects, tenacious people, being headstrong, and working hard, got us where we are now. We have 200 IT employees and projects with clients worth millions of dollars. 

That kind of game we want to keep playing! So we decided that a great player needed to enter our game. Someone who, with his tenacity, is already on a Notch level, someone who loves challenges. Especially to outwit them; someone with a massive experience in the industry. 

So, who better to join our lineup than Ivan Belić? 

With experience from SAP, KingICT, Amplexor, Python, and C in his fingers, Belić is one of THE people we wanted to see in our ranks. 

“I know what Notch has been doing for quite some time, and I know how serious and good the team is and that the team is oriented on engineering. I’m very pleased that I can share my experience with Notch, so we can continue what they have been doing till now. I’m glad that Domagoj and Roko decided to trust me”, said Belić.

As our new CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), Ivan will take on new business opportunities, acquisitions, and further Notch group expansions. 

“I’ve been through all kinds of global companies in various industries, and I think that all my experience and everything I’ve been doing can be summarised here. I see the growth, I see the potential and a serious team with which that can be accomplished”, he explained. 

Our goals

Our next goal is to open new offices in several world metropolises and to enter the global market even louder. With careful planning, research, and execution, we are ready to successfully navigate the challenges of the worldwide market and achieve our goals.

“Because of the market, next year will be even more challenging. But I think that for Notch, there won’t be many changes. I think that Notch will keep growing.”, he expressed. 

If you are like Ivan and other 200 of our IT experts, tenacious and ready to outwit any challenge that comes your way, and to play a serious game with us, join us. You can find everything about our benefits and perks, which are also a start to creating an encouraging and flexible environment.



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Our people really love it here

Evolution of expertise

The agency was founded in 2014 by seasoned industry veterans with experience from large enterprises. A group of Java engineers then evolved into a full-service company that builds complex web and mobile applications. 

Flexibility is our strong suit — both large enterprises and startups use our services. We are now widely recognized as the leading regional experts in the Java platform and Agile approach.

We make big things happen and we are proud of that.

Personal development

If you join our ranks you’ll be able hone your coding skills on relevant projects for international clients.

Our diverse client portfolio enables our engineers to work on complex long term projects like core technologies for Delivery Hero, Blockchain and NFTs for Fantasy Football or cockpit interface for giants like Strabag. 

Constant education and knowledge sharing are part of our company culture. Highly experienced mentors will help you out and provide real-time feedback and support.


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