Good Game Aftermath: Terrorists Win

Good Game Aftermath: Terrorists Win

You know what, last year’s Good Game was a surprise. Our guys played for the first time (not CS: GO, of course), but a LAN tournament on this scale. We weren’t ready to take home a meter big trophy and hold it for a year. But we got used to it. It sat in the corner of the office and had its own shrine you could look at whenever you entered the kitchen to grab a coffee or a bite to eat. It was ours.

Good Game 2023

And then the new Good Game was announced. Two people from the team have moved on. The biggest transfer, they called it. But, we had new eager faces who wanted to show off their skills. About a month before the Good Game, a strategy has been planted. Defending a title is not easy, you know. Everybody is looking at you, expecting to make quad kills or even aces all the time or our signature 11:0 matches.

Good Game 2023 Notch team

But from the marketing team’s point of view, it was time to play.

  • Showing off that we were first last year? Check.
  • Making sure our team stands out like a winner? Check.
  • Creating an amazing dramatic video? Check.
  • Talking s*it on social? Check.
  • Getting big posters? Check.
Good Game 2023 Notch crowd

(I mean, we’re not playing the game, just sitting in the crowd, so why not?)

The online phase was a rollercoaster, but we, of course, we did, were first. The only nail-biting experience was a Saturday game with MIND Solutions, where we started a bit slow but took the game to 11:7.


31st of March, 11 am – A signature Notch start – Diverto/Avola 11:0

And at 3 pm – MIND solutions: 11:9, again, a nail-biting experience, and what we didn’t know at the time, a game that was a prequel to every other game after it.

On the same day, we played 11:13 with Outfit7. Through the thread, we entered the second day still in the Upper brackets.
You think the team would party, having won everything that day, but no.

After coming up from what was a tiring day, they still practiced.

However, in the early Saturday morning (at least early for those who had a Friday night out), at 1 pm, it just Span out of control. The first loss was the hardest. But we still fought. While the Span team quickly won 10 rounds, we fought our way back, and there was this little chance that we would win. But they only needed to win one round. And they did.

The same thing, sadly, happened with CloudSense in Lower Brackets. It was our last game, a rematch from the 2022 finale, and well, they did want the revenge. And we knew it. Nothing drives you like revenge, even when you’re defending the title.

A bit sooner than we expected, we packed our things. We heard someone from our team was the MVP of the Good Game party. It’s something, and something we will be talking about again next year.

Overall, it was a GG for our team: Ante, Domagoj, Filip, Leon, and Patrick. And a GG to Good Game for organizing this huge LAN party where we can show off our colors and skills.

Now, trust us. That little bomb has been planted, and there is no way to defuse it. We’re bringing back the trophy next year.

Good Game 2023 see you next year

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