Zero to Dev.
At the speed of light.

In just four weeks, learn to develop astronomically good applications using top-notch technologies and guides by a cluster of our leading engineers.

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Applications by 23.06.
Start 31.07.
Duration 4 weeks
Lectures Mon – Fri
Attendees 24
Hackathon 26. – 27.08.
Backend with GO
Build clouds and networks more complicated than black holes.
Go Introduced Installation & Basic Syntax
(Go)ing Basic Type System, Packages, Functions, Conditionals, Loops, Error Handling
(Go)ing Deep Best Practices for Project Structure, Testing, Pointers, File Manipulation, Polymorphisms
Concurrent Goroutines, Channels
Go in Web Dev Building Web Server, Serializations, Popular Frameworks
Go in Practice Clean Code Guidelines, Debugging, Building Optimizations & Deploying
Frontend with React
Write UI in Typescript faster than light.
One Small Step Intro, JSX, Component, Props, State Setup
React: Lifecycle & Effects Managing Updates, Hooks, Memoization, (un)Mount, UseEffect
React: Advanced Forms, Context, Custom Hooks, Class Component
Typescript Language Features, Typing React
Demo Project: Setup & Overview npm, Vite, Architecture & Structure, ESLint, SCSS…
Demo Project: Liftoff HTTP requests, Redux, React Router, Forms…
Backend with Spring Boot
Make your own REST API galaxy.
Introduction How to use, IOC & Dependency Injection, Solid Principles
Data Access Hibernate & JPA, Repository, Entities, Annotations, Persisting & Fetching Data
Service Layer Spring Beans & Context, Configuration & Profiles, Properties, Service Implementation
MVC MVC Explained, Controller, Requests, Responses, REST, Methods, Statuses
Security & Testing Autoconfiguration, Junit & Mockito
Backend with .NET
Land on the .NET framework like Armstrong on the Moon.
Prepare It All Installation of Tools & Setup, Web API Hello World, Code Organisation
.NET Structuring .NET 7 Introductions, N-tier Architecture
Organizing API Dependency Injection, Swagger, Controllers and Routes
AP &. SQL DB EF Code First & Migrations, LINQ, CRUD RESTful API
Generics & Testing Generics As Services, Unit, Moq
Authentication JWT Auth & Docker Basics

Alien Species Welcome

Devcademy is open for students, recent graduates, and tech enthusiasts who want to get into the dark matter of technology. Apply, outwit a (small) challenge, and get to our Devcademy orbit!

Anywhere in the Galaxy

Classes are entirely online! And through our Journey, we’ll go through weekly tasks and one-on-one mentoring and then, a big bang – the final hackathon, which will be launched in Notch Zagreb office – Ul. Republike Austrije 33

In the orbit with Crocube

Be a bright star for the first Croatian satellite that goes into orbit in 2024! Devcademy weekly tasks, as well as the final hackathon, will have a CroCube flag on it.

First contact

Devcademy Launch

We’ll land in the Notch Zagreb office and introduce you to Devcademy Universe and your crew to the Agile Software Development mission. (You can also meet us online for this part of the Journey.)

Week 1

Take Off Sprint

31.07. – 04.08.
You’ll travel through space and time of software development. Clean Code, Agile and Scrum, UI/UX, DevOps, and Git are some stars you’ll visit on this trip.

Week 2-4

In Your Own Space Station

07.08. – 25.08.
You and your team will work on tasks and challenges and have a one-on-one with your technology captains. Ask anything you want, try anything that comes to mind, there’s no gravity here.

Week 4

3, 2, 1… Landing!

26./ 27.08.
Outwit our last challenge and develop a winning application for CroCube with your crew. And after you land, you know there will be a space beer party ready with your name on it!

We’re so proud!

So far, more than 100 students have participated in Notch Devcademy. Find out more about their journey from Devcademy students to today’s Notch employees.

Tihana O.

“Last year during the summer holidays, I wanted to gain new experiences and expand my knowledge, and at the same time, I wanted to spend the summer at sea. Devcademy allowed me both. I learned a lot working on weekly assignments, and I could always turn to mentors who were available and friendly. At the Hackathon, I had the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a team on a real project, and after graduation, I got a job at Notch.”

Tihana Oremuš, Software Engineer

Vitomir M.

“I consider Devcademy to be the beginning of my professional career, which makes it one of the most memorable events. The weekly tasks are not overly demanding, which is a great thing, and the highlight of the education was Hackathon. After successfully completing the weekly tasks, we test the acquired knowledge, and the winners of the Hackathon are provided with valuable prizes. But also, more importantly, an opportunity to become part of Notch – so I can recommend participation to anyone who wants to build a solid foundation for their future careers.”

Vitomir Marjanović, Software Engineer

Valentina K.

“Participating in the Devcademy was an ideal way to take advantage of the summer. The weekly tasks were challenging enough to interest me, but also simple enough to easily fit into my summer schedule. The mentors followed our work and were ready to answer all our questions. As the most fun, but also the most challenging part of the school, I would definitely highlight the two-day Hackathon where we had the opportunity to understand the importance of teamwork, good organization, and a pleasant work atmosphere in application development.”

Valentina Križ, Software Engineer

Jurica J.

“I was really surprised by the efficiency of the approach to education. Mostly because it resulted in my ability to create a functional and complete backend without previous knowledge. The whole process was pleasant and stress-free, with weekly tasks that can be easily mastered. I always had someone available for questions and there was always someone reviewing my code and suggesting where I could improve, so this experience contributed to my programming more than I expected. I liked that in the end, we had the opportunity to work in a team, an important aspect of the development of the application.”

Jurica Jurić, Software Engineer


Notch Devcademy ’23 takes place from 31 of July to 27th of August. But, you can apply for Devcademy: Space Edition from 23rd of May to 23rd of June.

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You can apply till 23rd of June.

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After we receive all applications, we’ll make a selection of the best candidates for Devcademy: Space Edition. The chosen ones will then be given a small test. Top-notch individuals will be called to a short interview and then we ready to launch Devcademy: Space Edition.

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For the Devcademy: Space Edition you can be anywhere in the galaxy! The whole program will be held online, but for the launch and Hackhaton we’ll also be on-site in our Zagreb office, Republike Austrije 33.

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You don’t need to be a developer to participate in Devcademy, but you do need to know some basics of programming to be able to follow lectures and solve our space challenges.

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