Transforming a bank – Traditional to Agile

Notch helped RBA with the Agile transition and implementation of Agile values into the organisation.

Transforming a bank – Traditional to Agile
Client name
Raiffeisen Bank
Banking, FinTech, IT
Zagreb, Croatia
Agile, Kanban, Scrum
Team size
Project duration
1 year

The Client

Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska holds a prominent position as the fourth-largest bank in Croatia, encompassing a considerable user base exceeding 100,000 individuals actively utilising their Internet Banking services.

Client Challenge

The client faced a significant challenge with their stringent organisational structure, blending individuals with diverse financial and technical expertise. Addressing the substantial task of enhancing self-organisation and success within this dynamic mix became a main goal. Recognizing the complexity, the client turned to Notch for expert assistance in navigating this organisational transformation with excellence and effectiveness.

Project Goals

Successful and collaborative Agile team
Create a successful and collaborative Agile team that could operate seamlessly in a regulated environment.
Account onboarding as a pilot project
Achieve success and autonomy, navigate regulations with adaptability, and tackle account onboarding as a pilot project (one of the country’s first banks offering online account opening).
Revolutionizing management processes
Revolutionize risk management processes using agile methodology and make the bank system more attractive to young job seekers.


The implementation of self-organized teams has largely influenced both the satisfaction of customers and also RBA’s team’s efficiency in cooperating with external software vendors.
In response to the positive shift, the organization is intensifying its adoption of Agile methodologies, marked by establishing multiple teams aligned with the Account Onboarding approach.
This strategic move reflects a commitment to agility and responsiveness, enhancing internal processes and customer experiences.

Services Provided

Consulting and coaching

Embracing Agile methodology’s collaborative and adaptive principles, Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska recognized the inherent importance of teamwork, flexibility, and customer feedback.
In pursuit of a comprehensive Agile transformation, the bank engaged Notch to provide expert guidance and coaching of key employees for particular processes and/or services.
This strategic partnership is geared towards establishing an Agile environment and values within the organisational structure, fostering a culture of collaboration and responsiveness, particularly within the broader context of a digital transition initiative.
Our consultants and coaches crafted an Agile transformation plan after initial workshops and in-depth assessments. Over the ensuing months, through dedicated efforts, the team seamlessly transitioned into a self-organised entity, actively creating and embodying Agile values.


Notch Long Term Partnership
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