Building the most advanced fantasy football mobile solution

TFC built and implemented a Metaverse for football fandom to connect, play and monetize the game experience.

Building the most advanced fantasy football mobile solution
Client name
The Football Company
Consulting, Dedicated Team, Product Development
Agile, Scrum
iOS, Java, Native Android development, ReactJS, Spring Boot
Team size
Project duration
2 years

The Client

The Football Company is an advanced fantasy football mobile solution, closely bound with the NFT Marketplace, where users connect, play, and monetize the game experience.

Client Challenge

As a startup with conceptualised ideas but limited time and technical expertise, the TFC team faced the challenge of assembling a skilled and diverse technology team. Therefore, they hired Notch to construct the platform’s architecture swiftly, scalable, and resiliently, ensuring high quality and the ability to deal with high throughput during multiple events simultaneously. The solution had a concise delivery timeline to meet the deadline of the Bundesliga football season.

The Product

In this reality-based mobile app, users step into the role of general managers for a virtual fantasy football team, closely intertwined with cutting-edge blockchain technology, particularly in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The app features the most advanced fantasy football solution and connects users to the NFT Marketplace. Here, users can acquire virtual football goods, earn rewards with tangible real-world value, and immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind live adventure within the virtual stadium and football metaverse.

What does the client say?

Josip Kristo

COO & Co-Founder

Every person involved is very dedicated to the product they are building for us. We can feel a lot of passion, enthusiasm but also responsibility and everyone is self-driven. Solution-oriented by always finding a good solution to our challenges.

Project Goals

The fastest live data engine
Create the fastest live data engine on the market with scalability in mind, capable of distributing notifications and results to iOS and Android users.
NFT Marketplace
The use of 3D avatars and the availability of NFT Marketplace, where users can buy personalised digital goods and items.
Engagement experience
Provide users with an immersive fan engagement experience in the new football metaverse.


Mobile solution launch on-time.
Over 70.000 MAU monthly active users) at the time of project end.
A vibrant football lifestyle community.
Implementation of the application in several football leagues(Bundesliga, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, Belgium, Croatia national leagues).
A mighty scoring engine that handles 100 matches played at the same time, consuming 20.000+ different events per match.

Services Provided

Custom Software Development

Defining the game’s scoring and setting up the mathematical algorithms in the product discovery phase.
Integration with several authentication systems (Google, Apple) and a range of payment services, building our transaction processing engine and store.
Integration of the NFT marketplace into a web application and utilisation of FLOW for the mobile in-game coins.
Ensuring that the game reflects changes while remaining user-friendly for the average user.


Full technology consultancy with a team of system analysts, backend developers, frontend developers, mobile developers, competent contract developers, and DevOps working in agile methodology with weekly sprints.


Native Android development
Firebase Cloud Messaging
Google Cloud Platform


From Junior Software Engineer to CTO_Marko Stefancic
Goreta Bošković, Marketing Team
From Junior Software Engineer to CTO: 10 years at Notch 

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