RBA Internet banking for retail & corporate users

We designed and implemented a scalable Internet banking platform for retail and corporate clients.

RBA Internet banking for retail & corporate users
Client name
Raiffeisen Bank
Banking, FinTech, IT
Zagreb, Croatia
Consulting, Product Development
Agile, Scrum
IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere MQ Server, Java
Team size
Project duration
5 years

The Client

Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska holds a prominent position as the fourth-largest bank in Croatia, encompassing a considerable user base exceeding 100,000 individuals actively utilising their Internet Banking services.

Client Challenge

The main challenge was needing more skilled team leads with over 15 years of project leadership and management experience. This led to the decision to bring in Notch, whose expertise was crucial in enhancing teams and addressing the challenges faced in project execution.

The Product

Raiffeisenbank undertook a complete rewrite of its Internet banking platform in response to evolving technology trends. The new platform comprises dedicated sections for retail and corporate users, supported by an administrative application for efficient management. Integration with various services ensures seamless platform operation, featuring 90 use cases on the admin application and 150 for retail and corporate segments.

Project Goals

Leveraging cutting-edge technology
Initiate a comprehensive rewrite of the internet banking platform, leveraging cutting-edge technology.
Effectively maintaining applications in production
Effectively maintain applications in production, catering to a user base exceeding 100,000 regular internet banking users.
Scaling the system
Scale the system to accommodate high-volume peaks, particularly during the retail side’s initial days of the month. This addresses the surge in transaction volume due to salary payouts and utility payments, ensuring seamless application usage.
Implementation of optimization strategies
Implement optimization strategies for the infrastructure.


Designed and implemented a modern, scalable internet banking platform.
Tailored for both retail and corporate clients, facilitating the seamless development and implementation of new features without compromising platform integrity.
Assisted in the adoption of Agile methodology.
Successfully transitioned the project from the development phase to production.

Services Provided

Custom Software Development

Implementation of comprehensive corporate software and completion of the development of retail delivery software (our team played a pivotal role in delivering the retail software, providing valuable assistance throughout the process).
Facilitated seamless team expansion, ensuring increased capacity without compromising productivity.


Prioritizing agility, we’ve restructured the development process into sprints for a more streamlined and efficient workflow, ensuring smooth development and facilitating the seamless integration of Agile methodology within the organizational framework. This approach fosters adaptability and responsiveness.


IBM WebSphere Application Server
IBM WebSphere MQ Server
IBM WebSphere Message Broker
Oracle DB
Spring Framework
Rational Performance Tester
Rational Team Concert
YourKit java profiler


Notch Long Term Partnership
Harvey Fijucek, Chief Customer Officer
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