Safety first for the Oil & Energy Industry and EX environments with IoT

Spotsie, an ATEX-certified IoT-based location system, brings safety to indoor and outdoor industries, even in extreme environments.

Safety first for the Oil & Energy Industry and EX environments with IoT
Client name
Zagreb, Croatia
Consulting, Product Development
Agile, Kanban, Scrum
Go, Java, TypeScript
Team size
Project duration
5 years 1 month - Ongoing

The Client

Spotsie, a startup powered by Notch, is an IoT-based real-time positioning system with indoor and outdoor coverage. They provide cost-effective and high-accuracy positioning and navigation, which is especially important in indoor warehouses where GPS isn’t precise enough to keep resources under control. It’s a low-maintenance solution that provides insight for businesses to understand how humans and assets move in their facilities, helping them optimize their workflows and detect anomalies with real-time alerts on zone breaches and alarms on any accidents in outdoor and indoor environments. 

Client Challenge

Spotsie needed to be easily scalable and adaptable, even in the case of significant changes in customer and data traffic. They aim to be pioneers in IoT with ATEX Certification and documentation, bringing safety and security to highly explosive environments. To minimize delays and roadblocks in achieving their goals, Spotsie also wanted to implement a Kanban system and project management practices. 

The Product

Spotsie is now ATEX-certified, works on Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE), enables logistics automation, guarantees workers’ safety, and gives location-based features for end-users. The Spotsie platform consists of two main components, the Spotsie Cloud (software) and hardware (gateways and beacons) deployed on-premise at the facility. Spotsie gateways collect real-time data from BLE devices within the grid (i.e., the strength of Bluetooth signal, humidity, temperature, battery power of BLE device, etc.) and, using MQTT protocol, push collected data to the Spotsie cloud for further processing.

What does the client say?

Matej Zelic

COO at Spotsie

Our partnership with Notch has been instrumental in achieving the objectives we set out for Spotsie. They helped us develop a robust and scalable RTLS solution that meets the specific needs of our industry. We brought Spotsie to market quickly and efficiently, staying ahead of the competition, overcoming technical challenges, and ensuring the solution’s long-term success.

Project Goals

Workflow optimization
Optimize workflow to minimize delays and roadblocks.
Safety standards
Enhance safety standards with ATEX Certification and documentation.
Continuous adaptation for industry challenges
Implement solution for various industry challenges by continuous reiteration and adaptation of the product.
Automated location enforcement for industry
Improve existing industry-specific processes with location data augmentation with automated enforcement of business and security rules in the domain of real-time positioning.
Predictive AI analysis
Establish predictive AI analysis through real-time data collected with the Spotsie grid.


Highly scalable and adaptable to various industries and client needs with DevOps solutions and microservice architecture
Increased efficiency with streamlined asset tracking and management, saving customers valuable time and resources.
Improved visibility enabling better-decision making and optimizing workflows due to real-time insights into assets’ location and status
Enhanced Data-Driven Operations because of the valuable data used to improve operational efficiency and easy identification of areas for further optimization
Streamlined development process using Agile methodologies and deep technical knowledge, allowing Spotsie to iterate quickly and deliver Spotsie efficiently
Minimized delays and roadblocks and ensured everything was aligned and on track with clear project management practices
Established future predictive management with AI since Spotsie can analyze asset usage patterns, predict potential maintenance issues, and trigger alerts, further preventing downtime and reducing costs

Services Provided

UX/UI Design

Conducted UX discovery to review business requirements.
Developed hi-fi prototypes for mobile applications and dashboard.

Project Management and Consulting

Acquiring ATEX Certification and documentation.
Using the Kanban system to minimize delays and roadblocks.




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