In A1, A now stands for Agile

Notch guided A1’s seamless transition to a cross-functional Agile team through comprehensive methodology acceptance and coaching experts.

In A1, A now stands for Agile
Client name
A1 Telecom
Zagreb, Croatia
Agile, Kanban, Scrum
Team size
Project duration
1 year

The Client

A1 Hrvatska is part of A1 Telekom Austria Group – the leading digital services and communication solutions provider in Central and Eastern Europe. A1 Telekom Austria Group operates in seven countries and provides services for approximately 24 million customers. A1 Hrvatska is also proud of its figures – it employs about 2000 people and takes care of the needs of 2 million customers every day.

Client Challenge

The challenge involved transitioning A1, initially inexperienced in Agile project management, to Agile methodologies. Notch played a pivotal role by educating A1 on Agile principles, guiding them through the implementation process, and identifying the most suitable methods. This support effectively facilitated the shift from traditional approaches to Agile methodologies.

What does the client say?

Izeta Samardzic

Senior Digital Customer Experience Consultant at A1 Telecom

“Notch joined us at the beginning of our project as our Agile coach. Given that we were a new team and had no experience in Agile project management, what they did was educate us on how to use Agile, what Agile is, and ultimately helped us find the best methodology for our project. All of this helped us to work as efficiently as possible and also changed the way we think —  and it only took a couple of months. They transformed us, and we weren’t even aware of it.”

Project Goals

Prioritizing customer satisfaction
Prioritizing customer satisfaction, A1 formed a new team to analyse Quality of Service data, aiming to improve network services for residential customers. However, the analysis produced a diverse backlog, needing a clear resolution plan.
Introducing Agile methodologies
A1 hired Notch’s expertise to tackle the backlog and investigate the feasibility of managing it as an Agile project. The collaboration sought to streamline the resolution process, introducing Agile methodologies for a more efficient and customer-centric approach to addressing the diverse challenges within the service data.


A significant advantage for A1 was the seamless transition to a cross-functional Agile team, marked by a comprehensive acceptance of Agile methodologies and tools.
Notch played a pivotal role in shaping the framework for addressing the backlog, offering coaching on Agile methodology to the entire team.
This collective effort facilitated an understanding of efficient project management and induced a transformative shift in their mindset.

Services Provided

Consulting and Coaching

Notch consultants played a crucial role in quantifying and qualifying the backlog, making it more manageable. They guided an Agile framework, coaching the entire team and fostering a more efficient project approach.
This transformative process enabled the A1 team to recognize and embrace the inherent value of Agile methodologies in their day-to-day operations.
Notch went the extra mile by actively involving A1 vendors in decision-making, ensuring their inclusion and awareness. This strategic initiative enabled the vendors to initiate their activities promptly, significantly reducing lead time for the original team’s deliverables.


Notch Long Term Partnership
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