Improved End of Contract platform for automotive services

We redesigned the faster and highly responsive web application, achieving a remarkable security score of 9.5 out of 10.

Improved End of Contract platform for automotive services
Client name
Automotive services
Product Development
Agile, Scrum
.NET 6, Angular v14, Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, Microsoft Entra ID, SQL
Team size
Project duration
1 year 6 months

The Client

Belcar stands as a premier provider of Automotive Services. Operating under the esteemed Beerens Group, Belcar exemplifies strength and stability, boasting an impressive throughput of approximately 60,000 cars annually. Its clientele comprises leasing companies, importers, and fleet owners, showcasing the company’s commitment to excellence in serving diverse automotive needs.

Client Challenge 

Belcar faced significant challenges with its outdated application which disrupted the user experience: poor responsiveness, numerous cracks, missing documentation, and a lack of customization for individual clients. Notch stepped in to address these issues head-on. With leasing houses relying on Belcar’s product, Notch’s mission was clear: to retain existing customers and attract new ones by delivering a high-quality solution to optimise application usage. Through careful analysis and innovative solutions, we transformed Belcar’s application into a streamlined, efficient platform, ensuring a seamless user experience while focusing on client satisfaction.

The Product

End of Contract is a high-performance web application. It facilitates seamless interactions among users, stakeholders, and operational staff for various services, including order creation, reservation planning, inventory tracking, inspection/photo/document review, automated approvals, and report generation.

When a client, such as a leasing company, returns a vehicle, the management process initiates, marking the end of the contract. All important details are recorded within the application through detailed inspections and comprehensive data entry, including photos and vehicle information. This allows leasing companies to generate detailed reports highlighting damages and associated costs, facilitating swift communication with relevant parties. With approximately 1,500 cars processed monthly, End of Contract ensures smooth operations and transparent reporting for efficient contract closure management.

Project Goals

Enhancing application performance
Accelerate the application’s performance by making it faster, more feature-rich, and user-friendly. The previous version posed challenges with navigation, requiring excessive clicks to reach desired areas.
Improving user experience
Ensure client retention and acquisition by delivering an enhanced user experience, while also retaining existing clients and their data through seamless transition to new app data organisation and features.
Application security
Strengthen application security to safeguard sensitive data and protect user privacy.
Flexibility and maintenance
Ensure flexibility and maintenance for any future needs and features.
Customization support
Support a reasonable amount of customization to fit specific client needs.


More efficient and well-organised database is resulting in seamless user experience.
Implementing streamlined processes, including quick and straightforward report downloads, efficient database searches, and instant validation feedback, reduces user frustration and increases efficiency.
The new application has a 9.5/10 security score, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing data protection.
Redesign of a faster, more feature-rich, highly responsive, stable web application with superior code quality.

Services Provided

Discovery workshop

During the discovery workshop, we found one of the main problems was the current application’s need for more documentation.
This made it difficult to see the big picture and determine what features were needed.
We looked closely at the current solution and what a new one would require to solve these issues.

Custom Software Development

To overcome technical hurdles, we focused on preserving existing customer data and orchestrating seamless data migration.
Authentication via Microsoft Entra ID was implemented across different tenants, maintaining distinct authorization on the application side.
We began by consolidating information and understanding the business and application logic, then envisioned the application architecture and integrations necessary for smooth operation within existing client systems.
Throughout the project, we iteratively refined prototypes based on evolving insights from client discussions and business domain understanding.
Our enhancements involved identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities, suggesting critical changes, and meticulously planning data migration while considering future integrations.
Additionally, we proposed new features and collaborated closely with the client to ensure usability and compliance with complex business rules.

UI/UX Design

User research revealed critical areas for enhancement: outdated design, unclear forms, navigation difficulties, lack of data validations, and a non-responsive layout.
We aim to modernise and streamline the application, improving responsiveness and organisation to meet user needs better.


.NET 6
Angular v14
Microsoft Entra ID
Azure DevOps
Azure Pipelines
Microsoft Server


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