Stopping fraud with Identity Verification Solution iOS SDK

BlinkID Verify is an advanced data integrity verification solution that alerts on any fraudulent attempts with sophisticated cross-matching technology.

Stopping fraud with Identity Verification Solution iOS SDK
Client name
Zagreb, Croatia
Dedicated Team
Agile, Scrum
Objective-C, Swift
Project duration
10 months

The Client

Microblink is an R&D company that focuses on AI-powered computer vision software. Its digital identity and commerce products are used in more than 60 countries by 450 clients, including Allianz, FAB, and Loewe, in various industries, from banking and financial services to insurance, telecom, CPG, market research, and retail 

Client Challenge

The client was building an iOS software development kit (SDK) focused on identity document scanning with cross-matching technology. Because of the complexity of the technology, Microblink had technical challenges and was looking for talents with particular and scarce skill sets to achieve the flawless performance of the iOS SDK version.  

The Product

BlinkID Verify is an advanced data integrity verification solution that scans documents with unmatched precision and stops attempted fraud attempts with its cross-matching technology. Depending on the client’s needs, flagged IDs can be reviewed, immediately suspended, or otherwise.

What does the client say?

Igor Strejcek Microblink

Igor Strejcek

Managing Director for Croatia

“When you have a problem that you do not know how to solve, it is important to look for help from somebody experienced and skillful to solve that problem. That is why we approached Notch (at that time Agency04) to look for help in developing our first BlinkID Verify product, actually the iOS SDK version. We were happy with the cooperation, and the product is getting a good position on the market. I would recommend Notch to whoever needs engineering experts with high skills and abundant experience.”

Project Goals

Create an iOS SDK
Ensure a flawless experience on the iOS platform
Launch a product to potential clients in the next few months


Created software development kit (SDK) for iOS platform
Steered technical products and supported integration of the platform
ROI with the first couple of clients in the finance and banking sectors

Services Provided




Mobile Development


Notch Long Term Partnership
Harvey Fijucek, Chief Customer Officer
A decade in review: 6 lessons learned about building client relationships

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