Implementation and development of eCommerce for the Swiss Pharmacy Union

Unified over 300 pharmacies across Swiss cantons into a cohesive system, streamlining pharmacist workflows, and elevating patient experiences through the innovative Abilis digital platform, facilitating online shopping and medication reservations.

Implementation and development of eCommerce for the Swiss Pharmacy Union
Client name
E-Commerce, Pharmaceuticals
Zurich, Switzerland
Dedicated Team, Product Development
Agile, Scrum
Angular, Java, React, Spring
Team size
Project duration
2 years

The Client

Elca is a distinguished Swiss IT company specialising in supporting digital transformations. With a legacy spanning 50 years and a robust team of over 1300 specialists, Elca provides a comprehensive array of experience, skills, and technological innovations dedicated to advancing digitization initiatives. Acknowledged as the premier company in Switzerland, Elca secured the top position in the Netzwoche Digital ranking for 2019 and 2020, underscoring its excellence in navigating the digital landscape.

Client Challenge

The challenge was connecting over a thousand pharmacies across Switzerland’s cantons into a unified system, effectively coordinating a multinational distributed team with varying time zones and concurrent development tasks. ELCA needed to enhance its technical capabilities with an additional team that could handle one large module of the whole system.

The Product

Notch collaborated with OFAC, the professional association representing Swiss pharmacists, to create an ecommerce platform, Abilis. This platform efficiently facilitates the delivery of medications from over a thousand medical shops, with 300 currently active, spanning the entirety of Switzerland. Despite variations in regulations across Swiss cantons, Notch successfully designed a unified system, streamlining these diverse rules for general applicability.

Registered patients on the Abilis platform benefit from a comprehensive range of services. They can conveniently purchase items online, renew prescription orders, access vaccination plans, manage invoices, and establish an electronic patient record (EPR). This integrated solution enhances the patient experience, consolidating various functionalities within a seamless and user-friendly interface.

What does the client say?

Ferruccio Lagutaine

Chief Operating Officer at ELCA

“The cooperation with Notch was characterized by a high level of technical excellence and a high degree of independence within the scope of our guidelines. In Notch we found a trustworthy and reliable partner that delivers cost-effective IT solutions.”

Project Goals

Connecting pharmacies into one system
Connect over a thousand pharmacies across Switzerland’s cantons into a unified system, facilitating online shopping and medication reservations for patients.
Access to e-prescriptions
Enable access to e-prescriptions for both patients and pharmacists through the centralised system.
Streamlining daily tasks
Streamline daily tasks for pharmacies and pharmacists, providing patients with a centralised platform for their needs.
B2B and B2C interactions
Function for both B2B and B2C interactions


Streamlined pharmacist workflows and enhanced patient experiences through the development and implementation of the innovative Abilis digital platform (300+ pharmacies currently linked; progress impacted by the Covid-19 situation)
Efficiently integrated system components (Elastic Path, microservices, warehouse quantity checks, Datatrans payment gateway) for a seamless user experience.
A flexible and adept team was provided, demonstrating a rapid understanding of the platform’s concepts.

Services Provided

Customer Software Development

Implemented features enabling customers to add products to the cart.
Integrated with the e-prescription module for patient rights verification in medication ordering.
Explored the Elastic Path platform in-depth, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities and operational processes.
Identified functionalities not predefined by the platform.
Compiled a list of features requiring additional development.
Ensured a seamless completion of the purchasing process.
Incorporated OAUTH for enhanced security.


Demonstrated exceptional methodological knowledge, with Agile/Scrum teams thoroughly prepared to offer valuable insights and guidance throughout development.
Notch’s domain expertise, particularly in pharmaceutical processes, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the structured information related to medications, proved highly beneficial.


ElasticPath (e-commerce platform)


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