Agile Coaching Cycle for Addiko

Mastering Agile Transformation: Notch’s Comprehensive Coaching and Education Cycle at Addiko Bank.

Agile Coaching Cycle for Addiko
Client name
Addiko Bank
Zagreb, Croatia
Agile, Kanban, Scrum
Team size
Project duration
11 months

The Client

Addiko is a top 3 bank in corporate and retail banking in Croatia and part of a larger Austrian group. 

Client Challenge

The critical challenge revolved around quickly implementing processes for many bank employees, allowing them to prioritise their focus on digital strategy and be more productive. Notch was hired precisely to lead an extensive coaching and education cycle on Agile methodologies.

What does the client say?

Toni Glavinic

Head of BI and IT Development at Addiko Bank

“Business environments are getting faster, and more demanding. This is especially evident when you’re developing products in multiple markets concurrently and taking on time management. Agile coaching provided by Notch was extremely useful to our management team and helped us become more productive.”

Project Goals

Empowering bank employees
The objective was to ensure a smooth and swift transition, empowering bank employees to seamlessly incorporate Agile practices and redirect their efforts toward advancing digital strategies.
Adoption of Agile
This collaboration with Notch reflects a strategic commitment to enhancing organisational agility, facilitating a prompt and effective adoption of new Agile methodologies.


Through Agile methods and coaching, the bank has gained increased flexibility in marketing its digital strategies and, notably, a more contented workforce.
The bank initiated its Agile transition independently, with many employees undergoing certification to assume roles as internal coaches.
This approach has streamlined their operations and contributed to a more empowered and satisfied team, successfully integrating Agile principles into their organisational structure.

Services Provided

Consulting and coaching

Notch, a recognized leader in Agile transitions and the sole publisher of the region’s only book on Agile methods, was approached by Addiko Bank for an extensive coaching and education initiative on Agile practices. Notch’s team of coaches collaborated with approx 80 bank employees, guiding them through the challenges of Agile methodologies.
As a result, numerous employees received certification, assuming roles as internal coaches within the organisation. This initiative provided valuable insights and empowered the bank’s workforce to embrace and promote Agile principles in daily operations.


Notch Long Term Partnership
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