A new web application for easy e-leasing services

A tailor-made web app designed for a prominent leasing entity in Croatia has revolutionised the leasing process, offering users a streamlined online financing experience along with extensive documentation access. This tailored solution drastically reduces service provision time, negating the necessity for clients to visit physical branches. The result is an enhanced level of convenience and accessibility for users.

A new web application for easy e-leasing services
Client name
A leading financing institution
Finance, Leasing
Consulting, Product Development
Kanban, Scrum
Java, ReactJS, Redux, Spring Boot, TypeScript
Team size
Project duration
2 years 5 months - Ongoing

The Client

A leasing client with a substantial sales network across Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, has established a significant presence in the Croatian leasing market. The client’s diverse portfolio includes financing options for vehicles, equipment, machinery, vessels, real estate, and renewable energy sources.

Client Challenge

The primary challenge was centred around a considerable volume of paper documentation and a high frequency of office visits required for clients to secure leasing guarantees. This operational bottleneck created inefficiencies and significantly impacted the client’s leasing process.

The Product

A tailor-made web application offers clients seamless online leasing financing options, coupled with comprehensive access to documentation and invoices. This platform plays a pivotal role in drastically decreasing the time needed for service provision, effectively eliminating the necessity for clients to visit a physical branch.

Project Goals

User leasing experience
Introduce the ultimate user leasing portal experience.
Client financing
Enable seamless financing for clients.
User engagement
Minimise physical branch visits and increase user engagement and retention.
Enhance document management efficiency.
Leasing approvals
Improve turnaround time for leasing approvals.


Over 8000 active users benefiting from the new web application.
Successfully revolutionised the client’s leasing financing system through innovative implementation.
Achieved a substantial reduction in the time required for service provision.
Minimised the need for clients to make physical branch visits, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Services Provided

Product discovery

An extensive discovery phase led by UX/UI designer in order to help the client with their outdated leasing financing system.
Definition of the main business requirements, business logic, and assess the client’s current system requirements.

Custom Software Development

Utilised diverse backend and frontend technologies for building the application from the ground up.
Successfully integrated the application with existing client systems to ensure seamless interoperability.
Implemented Agile methodology throughout the entire work process, with a specific focus on the Scrum framework, fostering a dynamic and collaborative development approach.


React router
styled components
Spring Boot


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