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A vital step to achieve digital product excellence is to choose a custom software development company who shares your vision

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For us, it’s not just about delivering technical excellence, but about building deep partnerships with our customers and creating software solutions and transformative value, together. We are proud to have a track record of building long-term partnerships with our customers by becoming a crucial part of how they think about, build and deliver software.


Murali Maravanchery VP of Product Beeline Notch

Murali Mazhavanchery

VP of Product at Beeline

“An engineering team that asks and understands why we’re doing something is a good measure of how much they are engaged in the development process. The how is what they have to do. The what, we agree on: this is the what and this is the when. But understanding why – indicates to me a high degree of the teams’ ownership and engagement which leads to the success of the product.”

Gero Mosser Strabag Notch Testimonial Case Studies

Gero Mosser

Project Lead at STRABAG

“We chose Notch as our partner for the development of a digitisation project, in which the developers from Notch worked together with the know-how experts and the Scrum team from STRABAG. We said we needed a Java web application and gave a few general guidelines, but Notch made all the technology decisions, and in addition to development, Notch has also helped us to acquire the know-how for agile software development.”

MariaWintheiser-Lloyd ProAg Notch

Maria Wintheiser-Lloyd

Chief Information Officer at ProAg

“The Notch team has significantly improved our business processes, which translated to the ProAg SmartQUOTE application. Their collaborative ability and the fact that they brought concerns when necessary were crucial in developing a highly valuable UI that is now extremely intuitive and shortens every step of the agent’s process. They were accountable for their commitments, raised concerns when necessary and were 100% on board with meeting our goals.

Luka Samarzija

Head of Business Support Systems at Iskon

“I’m very happy working with Notch, they’re highly professional, very easy to work with and what I love most is they always come up with great ideas for our needs. Notch consultants conducted a user experience research in which they shadowed our agents, seen how they work, and came up with a prototype of a single user interface that fits nicely with Camunda BPM.”

Matej Zelic

COO at Spotsie

Our partnership with Notch has been instrumental in achieving the objectives we set out for Spotsie. They helped us develop a robust and scalable RTLS solution that meets the specific needs of our industry. We brought Spotsie to market quickly and efficiently, staying ahead of the competition, overcoming technical challenges, and ensuring the solution’s long-term success.

Josip Kristo

COO & Co-Founder

Every person involved is very dedicated to the product they are building for us. We can feel a lot of passion, enthusiasm but also responsibility and everyone is self-driven. Solution-oriented by always finding a good solution to our challenges.


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