Agency 04 What, Notch Who?

If we start at the beginning, from Agency 04, there were just a few clients who gave us a chance to deliver and us. And deliver we did. Through the past 8 years – delivery, tenacity to keep working till we get the solution right, and challenges we can’t wait to solve became our core. 

Many recognitions have proven our work. In 2021, Deloitte recognized us as one of the TOP 500 fastest-growing technology companies in EMEA and Clutch as one of the world’s Top 1000 Service Providers. 

“However, it’s still sometimes hard to explain to our clients who we are and why they should develop their digital products with us, although our partners are companies with thousands of employees and turnover in the billions of euros. Starting today, we will have a new tool to explain to them who we are. Our new brand clearly shows our path ”, said Roko Roić, one of the founders at the reveal party. 


“We’re leaving Agency 04 in history, but as always – we’ll only be looking into the future. From today we are Notch. Not only technology. People, emotion, work, processes, communication”, Roić continued. 

Not just technology

From Agency04 to Not only technology. Notch. It’s tenacious people who are ready to outwit any challenge. It’s emotions, strength, and resilience to keep working till we get the solution, processes, and communication that create an encouraging environment where no is not the answer.  

Agency04 = Notch

Agency 04 is now Not only technology Notch. The name represents exactly what we are – people who adapt to ever-changing environments and exceed at any given task.

Outwit the challenge – it’s not just a tagline. Challenges are what our people love the most about our projects

For us, obstacles are invitations. They don’t slow or stop us but challenge us to complete the task successfully. Through pushing ourselves further, we mastered the art of turning complex software into visually attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-use solutions. 

We believe technology has the power to change the world for the better. That’s why we create technology for the sake of people, not for the sake of technology. Every step of our process is human-centric. We think about the person who will use it and ensure their seamless experience – that’s the goal. 

Our people make our reputation 

With new things developing overnight, our constant is people who are headstrong, adaptive, agile, and determined – strategists, data engineers, designers, and developers. 

Our numbers keep growing, we changed offices and opened new ones in Split and Frankfurt. With our projects and solutions, we’re constantly building our reputation among global enterprises and tech disruptors. 


“Starting today, Notch Group is bigger and more ready for a more serious global presence. Together with Spotsie, the world’s leading positioning product, Notch will be under the umbrella of Notch Consulting Group. The combination of working on our own products and products for our clients already opens many doors for us. Now, they will open even more”, highlighted Roić.  

Notch mindset 

It’s time to embrace the new phase in our development and turn it a NOTCH. And live by a few simple mindsets:

Outwit the Challenge:
Obstacles are Invitations,
Change is Our Constant,
Tenacity is Our Go-to Mode.

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Think you can outwit the challenge?

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