2nd Year in a Row: Deloitte Impact Star Award for Notch & Spotsie

There are many long-term partnerships that confirm our engineering and technical  excellence, like Strabag with whom we’ve been working since 2018, Iskon since 2017, and since 2016. But there is a bit of magic in the office that happens when we see our work confirmed by awards and recognitions. One of those awards comes from Deloitte, which recognized us as Fast 50 CE in 2019, Fast EMEA in 2020, and now for the second year in a row, we won an Impact Star Award Category

Deloitte Impact Star for Spotsie technology 

“The Impact Stars is a special category which recognizes a company which successfully links great products/services with a positive impact on at least one of the following: society, business, innovativeness, environment and diversity.” 

Impact Stars 2023_Deloitte_Notch

Spotsie, a startup powered by Notch, started as a conference and trade show management system but quickly grew into something much more.

It has evolved into an IoT track-and-trace solution, ATEX Certified which creates a positive impact by ensuring staff and resource safety in high-risk areas. Spotsie provides cost-effective, high-accuracy positioning and navigation on moving and stationary objects.

“Besides undeniable work logs and keeping resources under control and within reach, Spotsie also has real-time Alarm Functionality alerts in case of inactivity or falling from a height, zone breaches, or any other anomaly, keeping the resources and staff safe”, explained Matej Zelić, COO at Spotsie. 

For customers like INA, Spotsie already showed their key benefits: 

  • Precise location tracking
  • Working entirely indoors and outdoors and providing complete coverage of facilities 
  • Real-time visibility into exactly where staff and resources are, with the ability to track movements over time, which provides invaluable insight
  • Custom reporting and analytics based on the location data collected
  • Platform agnostic – Spotsie app is a complete solution, it works across iOS and Android devices —leveraging Bluetooth presence through the operating system.
  • Easy integration with clients existing solutions (SAP, Microsoft i etc.)
  • Secure data collection compliant with GDPR standards to protect user privacy. 

Technology behind Spotsie

Spotsie is built on an event-driven, microservice architecture mostly in Go and Java. It works on Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE), and the platform consists of two main components: the Spotsie cloud and a grid of Spotsie gateways deployed on-premise at the customer’s facility. 

Spotsie gateways collect real-time data from BLE devices within the grid, while services deployed in the Spotsie cloud process receive raw data and, using a set of complex algorithms, compute the precise position of BLE devices inside the grid, capture irregularities in BLE device movement, i.e., rapid loss of elevation, etc. 

As such, the Spotsie grid, over time, produces a huge amount of real-time data concerning the BLE devices moving inside it, and this data can be used for future predictive analysis.

An AI addition to IoT 

By using AI to analyse collected historical BLE data, it’s possible to predict dangerous incidents (falls, fire, explosion, etc.) or security breaches (movement of BLE device into the restricted zone or a potentially dangerous situation).

“Including AI is crucial for enhancing safety assurance. The combination of technologies and AI-driven capabilities enables a multi-faceted approach to safety. AI excels at processing complex data patterns and identifying real-time anomalies, pivotal for preventing hazardous situations.”, added Zelić. 

Continuous improvement and scalability 

From the start, the plan for Spotsie was to be easily adaptable, even in the cases of significant changes in customers or data traffic. The already mentioned microservice architecture allows Spotsie to be highly scalable according to client needs and adaptable at any moment. 

And we’re proud that for the second year in a row, the technology that Spotsie and Notch engineers are building Deloitte endorsed, confirming it as a start-up to watch in the world of IoT, location services, and smart infrastructure.


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